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Learn how our Business Recruitment Team can help expedite your site location search.

When you contact the Kansas Department of Commerce, we will assign a business recruitment project manager to work with you every step of the way, whether you are in the preliminary stage of a site location project or ready to conduct a full-scale site location search.

What our designated business recruitment project manager can do for you:

The First Steps

  1. Identify client project needs
  2. Outline our site location services
  3. Work with you on a confidential basis
  4. Determine which Kansas communities are suited to your project needs
  5. Identify state and local resources, including available buildings and sites

The Next Phase

  1. Submit to you a formal proposal addressing your project requirements, including:
    a. State and community information
    b. Available properties
    c. Incentive proposal with specific monetary commitments based on jobs, payroll
    and capital investment
  2. Discuss which Kansas communities hold the greatest potential

The Site Visit

  1. Help you define your site visit goals
  2. Select the Kansas communities you will visit
  3. Formulate your site visit agenda
  4. Contact the local economic development representatives and keep your company identity confidential
  5. Arrange for in-state transportation
  6. Accompany you during your visit
  7. Ensure that you remain on schedule
  8. Follow up after the visit with local representatives regarding outstanding questions or issues
  9. Provide the same services during subsequent visits

The Final Decision

  1. Ensure that all your questions have been answered
  2. Submit a final proposal as requested

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