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Annual Competitive Round
Salih Doughramaji
CDBG Administrator

Linda Hunsicker (housing only)
CDBG Administrator

1000 S.W. Jackson St.
Suite 100
Topeka, KS  66612

Phone: (785) 296-3004
TTY: 711

The Annual Competitive Round category includes the following four categories:

Community Improvement and Housing
Community Improvement projects include, but are not limited to, water and sewer improvements, fire protection, bridges, community and senior centers, streets, architectural barrier removal, natural gas systems, electrical systems and public service activities. Housing grants support rehabilitation of owner- and renter-occupied residences within targeted areas to encourage neighborhood revitalization. 

1. Water and Sewer Grants
The maximum award is $500,000 with a funding ceiling of $2,000 per beneficiary. Applicants are encouraged to appear before the Kansas Interagency Advisory Committee (KIAC) prior to application submission. 

2. Community Facilities
Projects may consist of, but are not limited to, fire protection, bridges, community / senior centers, streets, architectural barrier removal, natural gas and electrical systems, health, mental health and other public facilities projects. The maximum award is $400,000 with a funding ceiling of $2,000 per beneficiary. 

3. Housing Rehabilitation Grants
These rehabilitation funds are awarded to local units of government (cities and counties) and the maximum amount awarded is $400,000. Eligible activities include Homeowner and Rental Rehabilitation.  A Housing Assessment Tool (HAT) must be completed by the unit of government prior to submitting an application.

Certification Policy 2015
KIAC Profile
HUD Disclosure Report
Inter-Local Agreement #1
Inter-Local Agreement #2
Administrator Territories
Housing Profile (HIAC)
2018 Community Facilities Application
2018 General Application Requirements
2018 Housing Application
2018 Water and Sewer Application
Housing Assessment Tool (HAT)

2017 Community Facility Ratings
2017 Housing Ratings
2017 Special Activity Ratings
2017 Water and Sewer Ratings

Miscellaneous Documents
HUD Guide to Environmental Compliance
Section 3 Training Powerpoint
KANSASWORKS Section 3 Training
Minority and Women Business - Section 3 Training

Procurement of Professional Services
Procurement Addendum-2 (blank)
Procurement Addendum-2 (sample)
2014-2018 Consolidated Plan
Sample Bid and Contract Specification Forms
When a Public Agency Acquires Your Property
Request for Release of Funds
Grantee Handbook Minor Forms
Grantee Handbook Main Forms
Section 3 Handbook
Section 3 Handbook - Exhibits Only
Housing Handbook 2017
Grantee Handbook 2017
How To Conduct A Survey
Spanish LMI Survey Tabulation
Spanish LMI Sample Survey
LMI Survey Tabulation
LMI Sample Survey
2010 Census LMI Data 
2017 Kansas Income Limits
Kansas Census Tract and Block Group Data

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